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System Filters

System Filters - How They Work The System filter is fitted to your central heating pipework and captures magnetic and non-magnetic debris that is present in the water before it gets to your boiler. This can reduce the chances of damage to your boiler and prevents the build-up of iron oxide deposits which can negatively impact upon the performance and efficiency of your central heating system. Key Benefits to the Worcester Green Star System Filter include: * Magnetic & non-magnetic filtration to collect a wide range of system debris * Can be installed both under and over the boiler or remotely * One-way valve for ease of adding system chemicals * Isolation valve indicators to visually assist when isolating * Over tightening prevention feature * Detachable body for ease of service and powerflushing * Drainage point at the bottom for access during servicing For further information then please do contact our office on 01908 569031 or email

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