Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing

Why Thermostatic Mixing Valves Are Not a Fit & Forget Solution

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV’s) blend hot and cold water to ensure water leaves the outlet (for example, tap or shower) at a safe temperature. Amendments to government water regulations and improved public awareness surrounding hot water safety has seen TMV installations increase significantly in recent years. However, a lack of legislation surrounding the ongoing maintenance of these devices leaves schools, retirement homes, hospitals and other organisations with a duty of care, exposed to the threat of TMV failure, resulting in potential hot water scolding.

With 600 individuals in the UK suffering from the effects of severe scald injury every year, this National Burns Awareness Day, 17th October, we are encouraging organisations in Milton Keynes to assess their servicing procedures for thermostatic mixing valves. Are the TMV’s in your school, retirement home or hospice serviced every year? Do you employ a reputable plumbing firm to carry this out?

Current government legislation states to avoid the risk of Legionella, water should be stored at 60 degrees or higher. However, where a scald risk is identified, thermostatic mixing valves need to be fitted as close to the outlet as possible. Should the TMV fail, there is a risk that water could leave the tap at this dangerously high temperature. Given that at 60 degrees it takes only one second to cause a full thickness burn (VBA, 2014), failing thermostatic mixing valves have the potential to cause serious burn injuries and fatalities on an epic scale.

However, failing TMV’s and resulting scalding injuries do not have to be the unavoidable fate for schools, hospitals and other institutions where thermostatic mixing valves are installed. The solution is simple: annual TMV servicing and maintenance.

We can help you manage your TMV’s. At Plumbing & Gas Solutions, our expert team of plumbers can service and maintain your thermostatic mixing valves to ensure your business is protected against scald injuries. Milton Keynes, Northampton, Luton based? Get in touch to discuss your business needs.

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